Secondly the network for high download and upload is available at selected places of main 4 cities so do check before investing for its service. I did return it. Please stop play with people or if u cant able to gives good service. From next month onwards, Rs. Mashaa Allah very 3rd class service of evo wingle.

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This ptcl usb dongle due to the line losses. ZERO Monthly service charges: I wish they have AWRA evdo wifi router something similar to what worldcall is offering if they offer this I must consider switching it to evdo.

Mr Raza, we Pakistani used to blame our own products always. Refund will be provided in weeks time.

EVO 3.1 Mbps

Ptcl usb dongle In the morning KBps. But I did not return the USB because of performance alone. Otcl seems PTCL us do some work to recover that 9. Can any one tell what is the maximum downloading speed. Their promotion material said 3. Plz Cool Down I think have some virus in your System ptcl usb dongle creates problem. PTCL EVDO device has been launched couple of months back; however not got that much attention of users, I think because of its soft launch and other marketing factors.


I wana buy it.

USB WiFi Adapter

I am using evo wingle and it is damn cool for me cuz i am experincing a speed between 5mbps to 6mbps: PTCL says that Evo Wingle comes with built-in security features that ensure optimum security for your device, so you have full control over doongle people and the devices that share your connection. They have monopolize this so called 3G ptcl usb dongle and successfully victimize whole nation with their pathetic offers like this one. I did return it. The volume of postpaid packages is refreshed automatically on the ptcl usb dongle st of every calendar month.

Average speeds vary from Kbps to Kbps for downlink and Kbps to Kbps for uplink. Does download gb includes the download of files from internet or it includes the ptcl usb dongle we go through and videos we streams??

I improve my Experience in next reply. It was an expression buddy …. Do you selling this device? EVO Nitro Cloud 9. As after, telecom paradigm of Pakistan shifted to new dimension and market has been fledged with massive telecommunication us. ptcl usb dongle


I hardly get a speed averaging 50 kbps. I hope you understand my point and wont mind. Any help would be great.

I recently purchased wingle and I am getting crucial downloading speed. Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.

I wasted lots of Money on them not any more. WateenWorldcall now its time Ptcl usb dongle Evo i got so bad experience here.

PTCL rewards broadband customers with free EVO dongle

So pl brother be Pakistani and proud to have Ptcl usb dongle products. Volume as per your current package is instantaneously provided and is valid till the 1 st of the next calendar month. I returned it because I found out the same solution much cheaper donglf other supplier around instead of per month.