Kind of strange as to why MSI didn’t just manufacture this as a standard mm board. What do MSI do to the board? MSI’s CoreCell technology provides a nifty method of defining and manipulating certain system attributes. Lets see what they say. You need to send the board back to MSI and they modify it.

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MSI KT6 Delta-FIS2R – motherboard – ATX – Socket A – KT600

Do you still get the cold boot in the hot weather we have? Presto, cold boot reset problem is back! Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. This title of this post is “summary This jt600 definitely a welcome feature for enthusiasts that covet complete control over their systems. The 4-pin 12v connector is located some way down the board, such that PSUs with shorter wires may have to run their wiring directly over the heatsink and fan.

The header is close by. Post Your Comment Smi log in or sign up to comment. Thanks for any help John. We’re always happy to see occasions when system RAM can be inserted and removed without having to remove the AGP card.


Now and for the next months i need my VDR everyday to record ,si favorites.

The last point seems a little dubious. The middle holes allowed it to be secured to a chassis, but the lower portion of the board was free to move around. I agree Toenne, it sounds odd.

MSI’s CoreCell technology provides a nifty method of defining and manipulating certain system attributes. I k600 my supplier quoting this thread and Bas’ post. That caused a slight problem in mounting it into a standard case, because the outer mounting holes didn’t align correctly with the motherboard’s standoffs.

MSI KT6 Delta-FIS2R – motherboard – ATX – Socket A – KT Overview – CNET

This would be enough for most motherboards, MSI doesn’t agree. Click to find out more. The same can be said for two SATA drives, one each port. What do MSI do to the board?

There first reply was to swap the board again. Home Help Search Login Register. Hi there, Does anyone know what needs to be done in order to get this modification done? CoreCell is MSI’s own proprietary technology, whose purpose is to regulate your systems voltages and temperatures to fit users’ needs better.

Another fan header to complement the 2 usable on-board points, FireWire integrated to the back panel and mounting holes around the socket would have made it that little bit better. Cost may be the underlying issue why motherboard makers are so reluctant to add rear FireWire; if that’s the case, we can certainly understand their reluctance given the lack of significant demand.


I hope its not the weather cause no cold boots.

MSI KT6 Delta-FISR – motherboard – ATX – Socket A – KT600

The cold boot problem has been fixed by MSI. The following error or errors occurred while this message: Its been almost 3 weeks and no response from them I emailed two extra times since to let me know the k6t00.

That would give me the opportunity to have a replacement from MSI. Promise’s hybrid PDC controller amalgamates both standards from one chip. I can’t say what they change on the board, as they won’t tell me that, but they did tell me they must make a modification to fix it.

They finally responded again.