Find More Posts by ZygSpeed. When the existing power-chip can no longer give you more fuel because of the limitation of the fuel-injector But with the MF2 system, your tuning will be. Honda computers will easily idle a cc engine on cc injectors. No need to be fancy, just an overview. Thanked 9 Times in 7 Posts.

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Injector for MF2 set up question.

Switch to Threaded Mode. This will obviously heat your fuel more than necessary. And if the fmax kit don’t make that under 7 psi of boost, then I can easily say its not worth the 3 grand. Personally I would use the EFi injector due to the flow pattern it should supply. I am sorry for the remark about u working at fmax. This means that large injectors will need to be used.

Facts on MF2 extra injectors. You control the amount of fuel those injectors dispense with the MF2, completely independent of the ECU.

Your question will be posted in:. Find More Posts by qtiger. The more I work with Hondata and other stand alones, the more it makes these band aids look like play-dough to cement – just plain hokey.


MF2 injector driver – Honda-Tech – Honda Forum Discussion

Send a private message to supergreenNA1. The fuel pattern and distribution is not equally distributed to each cylinder. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon. There is a wonderful staff, but that isnt mappable you use since you would have to mt2 the host mf2 the score.

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I understand that it is a form of ECU, or an addition to it, but what else? The only way to get an even amount of fuel and most power out of every cylinder is to use the 4 injectors that u already have injevtor the car.

Better pics of top of injector. Send a private message to boomslang. Send a private message to Perfmr2.

Timing is another issue. Fuel entering the combustion camber is the same as fuel entering the combustion camber using 6 fuel injectors on a 4 cylinder car. Injector for MF2 set up question. Switch to Hybrid Mode. MF2 injector driver This small controller will go beyond what any EPROM chip can ever dream of it can control four high impedance injectors to flow enough mt2 for. Is this to be ,f2 in conjunction to a turbo timer, or is it used for that purpose also?


Facts on MF2 (extra injectors).

Try calling RC I will guarantee that they will tell u that using 2 secondary injectors is garbage. Find More Posts by ZygSpeed. The one on the right is what came with the kit, the on on the left is a spare fifth injector I have from a old manifold. Personally id run a boost level that the system can fuel without needing extra injectors. So from this graph, Hondas running the stock pump, and a rising rate regulator top out at 75 psi and about hp.

Im very happy to hear though that you are not running the other 2 injectors. Find All Thanked Posts. Find More Posts by matthart.