All posts 1 day 7 days 2 weeks 1 month 3 months 6 months 1 year Sort by: This new version possibly also runs on multi-channel-devices. I took the time to wipe every vestige of Sonar off my machine, reinstalled, and everything was great for a couple of weeks. Who is online Users browsing this forum: Essentials Only Full Version. There are many other references to the Generic driver in the registry, but I don’t dare touch them for fear of corrupting the registry and the OS.

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Thanks to everyone for your advice.

After some days recovering from all those stressy after-fair-parties, normal development cycles will continue ; [] CeBIT approaching Trace-functionality can be configured in the dialog. Generic asio new version is available for download generic asio registered beta-testers. I have received some really valuable feedback which I’m very thankful for. Maybe when I decide to upgrade to Windows 10, it’ll work like it should. If it does not work, or causes problems I can always restore the original settings.

[SOLVED] Generic Low Latency ASIO driver…

I did this once before, but I guess it didn’t take. Some more trace-information added.


Who is online Users browsing this forum: No registered users and 8 guests. I never had this driver activated. There has been an enormous amount of interest in the drivers.

Some limitations of this version include: Still, I get the message. Generic asio of my other hosts where affected, only Sonar. The Generic asio Base article.

I recently performed a clean installation of Cubase on my Windows 10 workstation and immediately experienced failures. The only solution was removal of the driver. Intel Core i7 K 4. Also note that since the redstone update win10 no longer accepts unsigned drivers, you will need to enforce these manually, or download new updated Win10 drivers from the LynX website. Now, when I start Sonar, I generic asio a wsio window popping up every second saying: Anyone have asoo clue?

This is not win7 where you see the audio card in device manager.

How to Uninstall Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver –

Gdneric private message Website. Just being installed isn’t a problem. All version update programs from Steinberg expect that Asio directory to be in place. There has been an enormous interest in the driver and many downloads of the beta-version so far. Generic asio followed recommendations in another forum to remove a couple of registry entries, and consequently fixed the Sonar problem.


Resonant Serpent “I think what I learned is this: I googled generic asio, and read up, but no gneeric solution.

Moving the generic asio has the effect of disabling the driver, whereas registry updates are generic asio only if you wish to completely uninstall the driver. Take us back to when we had zsio reboot the program to switch drivers if that’s what it takes for further stability.

They should have MS drivers. Deinstallation is now just a one-click function. This version should take care of that. If everything goes as expected, I will be releasing generic asio first public version during the week.