Actually what I want to do? Updated code is as below. I have since then, abandoned this method because I no longer need it, for the following reasons: I mean i don’t want to log in again to continue testing , I don’t mind if it opens another window, in fact as you said it’s more reliable but not helpful if i have to log in again. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

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How can I reuse a browser session for tests that are in different java classes?

[selenium-users] Option -browserSessionReuse does not happen

Then, as my tests run, it reuses the windows. I don’t understand what that constructor does. Drivers for many common browsers are available for download from the Selenium website [ 4 ]. We create a new function which returns a dummy response on newSession with our sessionId.

Re-using existing browser session in selenium

Selenium includes a large set of commands, see the older 0. In one of our scraping project, we want to end our script and leave the browser idle.

UFT also works when the browser is launched manually and not through script. How does this work? In contrast to Selenium RC, which controls the browser by injecting JavaScript, Selenium WebDriver talks to the browser directly through a native interface. If null then call the browser to give browseesessionreuse.


Re-using existing browser session in selenium ยท Tech Adventures by Tarun Lalwani

There are solutions people have spoken about, which requires patching the webdriver. I have the browser open like this:.

We tested our previous approach on Chrome browser. Aaron Shaver 6 16 For example a flow looks like: In above example, it will run all test in my.

One of the simple way which i figured out recently is to make the webdriver as browsersesssionreuse under class and reuse the same webdriver in any other test case For example in testcase1: Here are the comments at the start of the selenium. So we need a way to override the execute function while creating the growsersessionreuse. Why and where to re-use the session?

Funny, I was just reading about this this morning, and I think it will solve my browser windows problem. This mimics how a human would actually behave. Or you can use xml configuration to use some test cases as class level or test specific.

brosersessionreuse Jeevan Bhushetty 1, 8 If you pass in the driver instance via test method argument from the DataProvider, then you want to use BeforeMethod, but if you have a shared driver in the class for multiple test methods which i think is a bad idea then you want to use BeforeTest, of course. I have to solve this question by myself, finally I get the way.


So we need a way to override the execute function while creating the driver We create a new function which returns a dummy response on newSession with our sessionId. You can get a copy of that script from [ 6 ].

I looked into the class you linked and found the variable it sets, but that variable doesn’t seem to ever get used! Testing on Firefox browser We tested our previous approach on Chrome browser.

I am currently using this framework in production. What if a page eg google is already open in the chrome browser and I want to click a button with delenium selenium script?

I like to close my browser window between tests so that I know my tests aren’t “dirty” with stored session data that could affect how the tests run, but I can see value in some targeted tests, where I want to try a couple different scenarios while keeping the same session going. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled.